May 3, 2018
The Diversity Club worked hard this year to produce two videos using a green screen app that they learned for another project.  Several 4th grade students then taught others in the club how to use the app in order to create the following videos for our all school assembly. 
diversity day student video who i am
Diversity Day: student created video
"Who am I"
diversity day student create video accept me
Student created "Accept Me" video


Hi, my name is Sebastian Delgado.  I was born in Coro, a little city in Venezuela.  When I was little, I had very bad grades in my English class because the language was so hard for me.  However, when I came to the United States, I lived in Houston Texas in a two story house for one months.  I never went to school there because it was summer so I didn’t learn any English there.  

Then, I went to Sarasota, Florida.  There I lived in a little apartment.  I went to a school called Turtle Elementary School.  There I made some friends that were born in my country.  I had an English teacher there, but I didn’t learn a lot of English.  There were only 12 or 13 kids in my class, so it wasn’t hard to communicate with all of them.  I don’t like to live there because there were so many huge orange wasps and I am afraid of wasps.  

After that, I finally came to Westminster, Colorado.  Here it was a little harder to talk to people and make friends because there aren’t as many people who speak Spanish.  In third grade, I started in Ms. Brallier’s class.  I really never understood her in the first days.  But, when Mrs. Gutierrez helped me to speak English, I sort of started to understand people.  

When Third grade ended and I came to fourth grade, I knew how to speak English perfectly.  I made new friends that I never talked to in third grade because I wasn’t as comfortable with English until fourth grade.  In fourth grade, I also got a new teacher whose name is Mrs. Giddings.  Half way through the year, I joined the Diversity Club and we have meetings about every 2-3 weeks.  Learning English and joining Diversity Club helped me to be confident and meet to people who are different ages than me.   And now, I am here telling you this story.  Thank you for your attention.  Remember to be confident in yourself too.